Published Work

Featured in Anthologies

"Better than Dread" in One Hundred Voices V3, Centum Publishing- June 2017

"Greatness Glasses" in It's All Trumped Up Anthology- October 2016

"Requiem," (digital/print) Short Story featured in The Cost of Paper, 1888- Feb 2016

Let's Stalk Rex Jupiter (print book) 1888 - Nov 2015

Featured in Magazines/Journals

"The Unfortunate Incident that Took Place During Our Annual Take Your Offspring to Work Day," featured in Mad Scientist Journal- June 2017

"Glass Bottomed Boat," featured in Foliate Oak Magazine - March 2017

"Behind the Scenes Tour," featured in Five:2:ONE Magazine's Sideshow - January 2017

"Beneath the Frostblued Stars" featured in Five:2:ONE Magazine- November 2016

"Terms of Service" featured in Moonglasses Magazine- Sept 2016

"Visitation" (digital/print) featured in The Molotov Cocktail Flash Icon Mega Issue and annual Anthology- August 2016

"Space Monkey Mafia" (digital/print) featured in The Molotov Cocktail Flash Felon Mega Issue and their annual Prize Winner Print Anthology - May 2016

"Geepus," Flash Fiction, Women on Writing - Summer 2013 (under LeeAnne Joseph)

Essays/Creative Non-Fiction

"A Low Profile Man's High Profile Death" (print) Crow Pie Magazine, June 2017

"The Bucket Boys" (digital) Longridge Review, May 2016

"Why I Write," (digital) 1888, 2016

Radio/Podcast Contributions

Letter to the Future featured on Dear Future Episode 11, Freeform Radio Portland 90.3 FM KFFP-LP

Peer Reviewed Articles

Natural Selection: Evolution of DSM Valuation and Use of the UCT, Peer-Reviewed Paper, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Summer 2014